Morgan O’Donnell

Country: United States
State: New Mexico

Artist/Maker at Silver Raven Creations

Morgan O’Donnell is a self-taught artist who discovered the healing power of art after her mother passed during the pandemic. Walking in the New Mexico desert, she began creating shamans out of old fence posts as a way of dealing with her grief. Morgan works in and explores a variety of mediums from sculpture to metal embossing to mixed media.

In 2022, Morgan was awarded an UETF Resiliency Residency from the City of Albuquerque to pursue her project of raising awareness about menopause using art. Working with local women artists and female-owned businesses, she organized a pop-up exhibit called, “It’s Time to Talk.”

Morgan continues to explore the health benefits and spiritual aspects of creating art. She seeks to imbue each piece she makes with energy. Whether it’s a wall-sized Tree Goddess or a personal shrine for a breast cancer patient, she aims to share a bit of light and hope. Morgan is a member of the National Organization for Arts in Health.

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