Pamela Kirkham Fine Arts


Artist, Art Teacher, Healing Art

In 1992, Pam Kirkham started her own business, Kirkham Fine Arts. Through KFA, she has taught art to all ages from pre-school through college level and has created works that enable viewers to heal themselves from the inside out. For the last 16 years, her focus has turned away from doing murals and illustrations to creating vivid, healing, acrylic paintings that seek to free you from the struggles of daily life, especially for those dealing with a serious illness. By meditating on her inspirational paintings, Pam wants you to escape from what troubles you. The Fight or Flight Series seeks to heal you as you view flying creatures that take you up and away from your struggles. Nature heals and she strives to connect you with it in a positive, spiritual way. Accomplishments include having been chosen to be an ArtPrize Artist in both 2014 & 2015 in Grand Rapids, Michigan; chosen for the Oklahoma Arts Division’s Artist-in-Residence program; has been awarded 3 Art in Public Places

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