Ross Swan


Soul Inspired Leadership/Leadership Coach/Helping People To Be A Better Leaders

Ross Swan is a perceptive, responsive, and accessible consultant, coach, and trainer, with broad experience in varied industries worldwide. Soul-Inspired-Leadership is about bringing something essential back into leadership – soul. In today’s business, being an authentic and well-balanced leader is a well-intended goal. In reality, most leaders struggle to manage this. In order to be truly authentic, they need to connect with their soul, and their inner truth, and then lead from there. Being able to effectively lead yourself is a pathway to a life of greater happiness and fulfillment. This is also the first step in becoming an effective leader of people. A most sought skill by businesses today. Besides working for corporate clients helping executives to be better leaders, Ross has moderately priced self-leadership programs you can download and work through at your own pace. Programs that stimulate you to have a better appreciation of what it takes to lead yourself to a better understanding

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