Sharon LaFlamme


Facilitator and Founder of Creating Serenity, LLC

Sharon LaFlamme has taken her life’s passions of human behavior, health, nutrition, yoga, and meditation and incorporated them into creating an internal space for healing. Healing herself and others has been a lifelong passion. Her journey through childhood trauma created a need to heal, and as an empath, that meant everyone she was in contact with. She became a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner where she helps transform pain into peace, where trauma symptoms resolve, and clients feel integrated and whole. Vitality is restored. Clients finally feel at home in their bodies. She works with people, their childhood trauma, and resolving the many health issues that present themselves due to the nervous system’s dysregulation. She is a seeker of knowledge & evolution, a certified Kripalu yoga teacher, a summit presenter, a podcast speaker, Reiki practitioner, and she is on the board of the LoveMakers Foundation. Journey Track as ongoing support beyond the initial 22-day program.

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