The Sonqos: Cecie & Patrick


Creators of Sonqos Worlds

Meet Patrick & Cecie, ChakaRunas (Andean term for bridge) & Catalysts into Sonqos’ (Heart) Worlds. Creating enlightening & explorative (Un)Learning Experiences to awaken the ‘divine mastery seed’ within to show up and shine from the heart. Dedicated to enabling profound shifts with ease and flow with personalized groups of fewer participants for allowing rich dialogue & insight. As Vitality Shamans, they are a vital link to the subtle, breaking stories, labels & mindsets that hold to attune, to be vital. Weaving I & I (the persona in the world, free of attachments & the Spirit Self) into a bountiful, meaningful, and harmonic Life, Business, and Profession beyond measure.

Dancing with Advaita & shamanic wisdom, appreciative inquiry & spiral dynamics, story, spirit & sound medicine arts, the path of fire & the heart, and more. Riding the wave of trends to lift the vibration of the planet to love, Sonqos Worlds are a vital breeze in Self Help, Hack & Sync.

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