The end of a year, the beginning of a new one, as we make ready to cross-over a threshold will often bring a mixed range emotions. Coupled by the uncertain times we have been living, since the pandemic began, and a new sort of reality sinking in, this piece warranted being dug up, dusted off, and brought forth to lend a guiding light for you in 2022. 

This you know. So, why write about it? In honesty, partly because all that is expressing itself is also reflecting itself from our consciousness. Yet, when we think of our individual consciousness and that of the whole collective consciousness, working together, turning over and over the same learning again and again, gaining understanding, expanding through the infinite ways we experience Life, it warrants to write about it one more time. Perhaps, this time it will expand in your consciousness a little more.

Life is happening for all of us. It’s reasonable to say that experiences may feel pleasant and these are the ones that we feel aligned with. It’s also reasonable to say that there are experiences that are unpleasant; and we don’t feel aligned with them. Additionally, it’s also reasonable to say that while experiences come and go in every moment and that while we are unable to control the outside circumstances, we can be more aware of what goes on within us in our inner experience, that we can control.

At first, the shift in perspective to controlling your inner experience may seem impossibly bombarded by all the outer conditions and their influence upon you. It takes time to develop your listening, and hearing your inner voice, Wisdom, speaking to you. Understanding our emotions, the patterns of reactions, and our habitual thinking that feeds the emotion also takes time to filter through. However, once the awareness sets in it becomes clearer and undeniable, to the point that you understand the difference, and wish no to go back to old patterns.

There is an emergence of an expanded version of your awareness, another dimension of your consciousness, of your Being. In this consciousness, we perceive the possibilities which include being able to control your inner experience in every situation you encounter. This is the dimension of our Being from where we can consider all possibilities. This is where Imagination is activated from.

The more we engage with this dimension of our Being and allow it to guide us, the more we perceive the possibilities and the ability to control our inner experience and create our reality; because ultimately the reality we create comes out of us. In this consciousness, we get to choose what we desire to have in our experience as opposed to what we don’t want. It’s the golden key to our peace of mind. It’s the golden tightrope we get to walk on, in our alignment from moment to moment. Imagine taking that golden key, opening a door in our mind, stepping out onto that golden tightrope, more familiar to us than we think, with no need for a net or harness, steady, sure balance that leads us across to anything, any place we imagine. If you just imagined that, or tried to, know that consciousness has just expanded a little more and that’s why it’s worth writing about it. In a dimension within everyone one of us, this we know.