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Do you consider yourself an artist? Whether or not it’s a hobby, past time, or your profession does not change that you get to use your creative power to create your life.  The fact that you are a having a human experience makes you an artist in this regard. Karen Light of Studio Light Illustration, artist, educator, and coach shares insights on what can come out of a “chaotic” experience and what can shift when we apply our creative power. Karen has been part of the PureEsperanza Community since we went online. We all have grown over the past years and we are happy to share her success with you! Read her updated Bio on our Community page here (scroll down).


Coyote energy has been circling me for a few weeks now.  He is appearing in stories, articles, podcasts, and even in the flesh.

For me, when anything is brought to my attention multiple times, I have to go investigate, especially if it is an animal. Read the rest

This month we are featuring guest blog writer Derek Goodman and our first website submission. Derek found us and posted his submission directly through our drop Blog menu online. We are thankful and honored to be sought out by writers, like Derek, wanting to contribute to a holistic experience and journey of well-being. Derek brings us simple tips that anyone, anywhere on their path of well-being, can put into practice today! Enjoy.

One of the keys to growing as a person is recognizing unwanted behaviors and replacing them with good ones that better serve you. While this ability comes naturally to some, others may need time and experience under their belt to develop the confidence for making changes. If you’ve made a commitment toward changing for a “better” you, this article explores four behaviors to look out for and how to overcome them.

Always Being Negative

Consistently having a negative outlook on life can reduce confidence and serve as a barrier to achieving personal and professional goals.… Read the rest

Jumping right into this month with useful health tips and a homemade project that will nourish your well-being. Esperanza Smith, our Founder & Executive Director, holistic healer and educator, writer and speaker shares the why and how of caring for the largest organ of your body. Know what it is? 

We all have heard of the phrase, “Beauty is only skin deep”. We are putting a spin on it and giving you a holistic perspective that does imply that Beauty IS skin deep, very Deep!

As the weather gets chillier for many and draws us more indoors, you may notice shifts in your body, mind, and soul. You may also have your attention drawn to some homemade projects that you put off over the warmer months and can focus on now. If autumn has set in with winter approaching, as you experience weather changes, temperatures dropping along with the heater, a fireplace, or woodstove you’re now using, you may also notice changes in your skin.… Read the rest

As we tie in the theme of transformation, we know that one of the most critical parts of any transformation happens at the mind level and our brain informing us with its patterns in thoughts, behaviors, emotional reactions, and even chemical & cell repsonse. We resurrected this story that describes a light, simple example of this that not only ties in this month’s theme of transformation, but also lends to this fun and spooky season. Shared here by our Founder, Esperanza Smith, and wishing that you discover transformations all along the journey.


Rushing in with gusts of wind pushing all about, large pelting raindrops against the skylights, dizzying, dazzling moonlight, Autumn announced it had arrived! We welcomed it and made ready for all the harvest hoopla, we could not deny! The month of October swiftly flew by, almost ending before we had had the opportunity to visit a good old farm out in the country, to take in their pumpkin patch, go for a hayride, drink apple cider, visit a haunted house, and the ultra-anticipated highlight…to find that special pumpkin!… Read the rest

As September rolls around so many families and individuals make ready for and settle into another school year. We share this with you as helpful reminders to fully embrace your educational experience of body, mind, soul within an academic journey. After this journey, having rooted these practices will carry over into other aspects of your life with a positve influence. Jori Hamilton is an experienced writer residing in the Northwestern U.S. She covers a wide range of subjects but takes a particular interest in covering topics related to mindfulness, health and wellness, and productivity. Learn more about Jori on Twitter: @hamiltonjori.

Finding Gratitude in College

There are many periods of life that can be stressful — and college ranks high on that list. It doesn’t matter if you’re a young adult launching out into life on your own for the first time or you’re an older adult that is balancing a family and career while attending classes, the strains and general busyness of life can be overwhelming when you’re pursuing higher education.… Read the rest

As summer arrives, outdoor gatherings, grilling and sweet times settle in, we bring you this just in the nick of time. Once again, this month, share this nutrition based-blog to help you consider your optimal health and vitality. We are pleased to share an informative blog from Ross D is a lifestyle blogger who aspires to make it big in the writing space. She is currently working as a content strategist. 

All say, “Good Food Means Good Mood.”

Do you believe it? Till a few decades back, even science didn’t acknowledge the complete relation between food and mood. Thanks to it, now it does! Food is the chief supplier of nutrients the human body seeks to perform optimally. If one doesn’t eat quality food, of course, the outcome would be unfavorable.

When we talk about essential nutrients, it includes all macronutrients, micronutrients, and other phytochemicals. All these elements ensure a healthy body and keep brain function relaxed.… Read the rest

This month we hope you can derive some useful and basic tips that may be helpful for your Well-Being journey. Whatever has come into your awareness and no matter where you are at in understanding and integrating a holistic approach to your well-being, you can get started and/or incorporate simple practices that may work for you. Paisley Hansen, blog writer, of such topics as the Auric Field, Chakras, Emotional Healing, Meditation, Metaphysics, and Spirituality shares her passion with many businesses including our dear friend, Albert Milligan of QuantumStones. We share this with you from our friends dedicated to strengthening holistic practices everywhere. 


If you are reading this article, it’s likely that you have realized that you need to make changes in your life. Perhaps your days feel like nothing more than a hectic scramble from one activity to the next. It takes all of your effort to keep the elements of your life – work, family, economy, and health – at a functioning level.… Read the rest

 In this season of celebrating and gifting Love, Balaka Ghosal gifts us with her third piece in this series. It is one of those timeless pieces that goes “Beyond Valentine – Infusing Love Into Everydayness” as was shared in our new virtual event series earlier this month: “Weaving Stories Of Your WellBeing”. Balaka is our esteemed guest and co-host for this series and also sits on PureEsperanza’s Board. You can learn more about Balaka’s unique talents and gifts on her Bio and on our Community page.

Did it ever seem that everything is just fine with life? That you’ve finally gotten a hold on the overwhelm? If you’ve read my previous two blogs, Do You Have An Ikigai and Without A Finish Line, I too may have projected such a peace. As if I’ve mastered the ikigai while the whole world struggled to control the icky guys in their life.

Read the rest
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